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We have spent the last week or so testing out various combinations of the short and long splitters, both with and without the Gentle Leader - and they have been working brilliantly!! The splitters work really well with the Gentle Leader and Mila (our female Greyhound that wears the Gentle Leader) doesn't seem to mind the extra attachment at all! It is great to have the control of having the two Greyhounds connected to the one lead, particularly when there are cats and other exciting things out on our walk. I'm hoping that within the next little while we can graduate to walking with the splitter without the need for the Gentle Leader at all, which will be great!


"I thought it would be ages before I could use it with a 3 year old and 4 month old poodle, after feeling strung out by trying to take two dogs to the park on separate leads I thought I may as well try, It has made my life so much easier. The design allows the puppy to still scoot around in excitement without getting tangled.  I do intend teaching “lulu” the puppy to walk nicely but in the meantime, your lead has made going to the Park enjoyable for all three of us.  
Thanks, Kim"
The Pet Hub
"We consider it the best product we have seen on the market to help us to keep our many walkways set in iconic landscapes clear of dog poop".
                                                                     Queenstown Lakes District Council.




I am a new Mum and have been struggling to push the pram and lead the dog as Kai's previous lead would give me terrible rope burn.  The Ezeleash seems to adsorb her pulling and makes walking her much easier, plus having the bags and sanitizer in the handle is  just fantastic as it is one less thing to have to remember!  I also find the cell phone holder very handy because I can hear my phone ringing and actually find it before it stops!!  This really is a fantastic product and I am recommending it to all my dog owning friends!   I have attached a picture of Kai looking happy with her new leash.

Thanks again





Congratulations on your wonderful product Ezeleash.  I have had it a week and I am already finding it invaluable.   The handle is amazing, I have a Golden Retriever who is strong, but this is easy to control him and even my kids can walk him.  The hand sanitiser is just brilliant, what a great idea especially as I take my kids to the park as well as the dog so it does two jobs.  I have been asked by about 5 people this week where did I get my cool leash, so in Auckland I am singing the praises of a quality, innovative, NZ MADE product, well done and thanks.


Rachael, St Heliers



I love the lead, especially as I can clip my car keys or house key onto the ring. The clip part which I can use for tying her up outside the dairy is great too.


Again, many thanks,


Jane (and Tui)




Approximately three months ago, upon the wise counsel of my sister, I bought an Ezeleash, a purchase for which I am grateful every day. 


I originally decided to try out this innovative leash on account of its extremely attractive features of a hand sanitizer {sheer brilliance}  plus built-in poo bags.  Simple concepts but hitherto, non-existent in the market place.  However, among the many advantages this leash has to offer, for me the most beneficial has been the sturdy handle:  my dog was a bit of a puller, and I would often return from our daily constitutionals with aches in my hands, wrists and shoulders.   Literally from day one, I noticed a huge improvement from both my beloved pooch not seeming to pull as much as the handle somehow absorbed the strain, and zero pain in my joints.  She actually is a much better walking companion purely because of this leash.


I truly adore this product and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone fortunate enough to be a dog owner.  The fact that it's New Zealand made is icing on the cake!  Kudos to the inventor!





Susan Kiely


Lower Hutt





Hi guys,


I would just like to say congratulations on such a fantastic product - why hasn't anyone thought of this before!

I walk my dog every day and it makes my life so much easier.  I used to hate picking poop up (even though my hand was in a bag) and not be able to wash my hands, I mean when you clean up the poop in your backyard you would always go and wash your hands (and I am by no means a clean-freak I am sure there are millions of other people who feel the same).


I have always been a fan of  the rolls of bags that clip on to the lead but disappointingly  I have found either the plastic clip snaps or my dog chews the container  and renders it useless so the idea of having the bags in the handle is ingenious.  Your product is also very well priced.


Thank you so much Ezeleash.

G Kiely, Eastbourne, WELLINGTON

PS I love my mobile phone holder too!




As promised here are the photos of Hannah, the corgi and Stitch the Fox Terrier using their new ezeleash.


have to say I am very pleased with the ezeleash which we used for the first time today. The handle is very comfortable to hold and you feel like you have good control of the dogs. Hannah obliged twice for me to use the bags and sanitiser, very easy to use and convenient, would recommend to anyone with a dog.


“To the clever folk that have designed “ezeleash” –it is a fantastic product, which has been very well thought out and designed to the numerous requirements of dog walkers.


I have arthritis in the hands and knees.  This handle does not put tension on my joints as a normal lead does, it actually gives me more freedom of movement with my hands.  Being able to alter the length of the “ezeleash” is great.  I can alter the length to how my joints are feeling each day, and the type of terrain I’m walking on, as I need to keep my dog under greater control so that my knees remains stabilised and don’t click out of place. This is of great assistance to me and makes my walks more enjoyable for both myself and Holly my dog.  Having the lead adjustable also makes it easy for family and friends who also walk the dog for me on occasions to alter the length to suit them, as it’s so easy to adjust.


I normally had to wear a sleeveless jacket to carry my phone and keys in one pocket and a handful of plastic bags in the other.  Now I have things with me all the time, and if other members of my family and friends come to visit and want to take my dog for a walk I know they have everything with them and I’m not likely to be caught by the city council and receive a $300.00 fine for not picking up the “doggie do’s”, because they forgot to take a bag.


Having the hand cleaner in the handle is also a great feature, it doesn’t matter how careful we are when picking up our “doggie dos” we can still have accidents from time to time.  With this hand cleaning function now we have no more problems.  If the opportunity arises to purchase an ice cream or a take away coffee when out walking, with this aid we can eat our ice cream “germ free” which has to be a bonus, whereas I would never consider buying one before I had this handy hand cleaning feature with me all the time.


To all the folk at “ezeleash” my heartfelt thanks for such an innovative product, and may your organization continue to go from strength to strength.”


Jan & Holly