comfortable control of your dog(s)

An ordinary lead can be hard on your hand, wrist and shoulder if your dog is a strong puller.  Some leads have a padded grip to reduce this problem.  The ezeleash goes one further.  The ezelesh handle allows effortless control of your dog through its clever ergonomic design. 
The ezeleash is designed to keep your wrist in a natural position when your dog pulls on the lead.  The grip is elongated so that it won't spin in your hand.  This means you don't have to grip it so hard, making it far less tiring to hold.  And if you have a strong puller, the ezeleash will make them much easier to control. dog was a bit of a puller, and I would often return from our daily constitutionals with aches in my hands, wrists and shoulders.   Literally from day one, I noticed a huge improvement from both my beloved pooch not seeming to pull as much as the handle somehow absorbed the strain, and zero pain in my joints.  She actually is a much better walking companion purely because of this leash. Susan Kiely, Lower Hutt.
If you suffer from arthritis, you will find the ezeleash handle a huge benefit, as it prevents your hand being squeezed by the lead.
If you have multiple dogs, the ezeleash handle will be of interest to you.  Two or more dogs can be attached to a single handle, giving your much greater control.  We have a range of splitters available as accessories (see our products page).
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