other uses for the mist spray bottle

Not everyone feels it necessary to clean their hands when picking up after their dog.  We have had some interesting suggestions as to alternative uses for the mist sprayer.
Several dog trainers have suggested to us that, filled with water, it would be very useful for modifying dog behaviour during  training.  The use of water sprays for deterring bad behaviour such as barking or lunging at other dogs is well documented.
Many people have suggested the ezeclenze could be sprayed at an attacker, be it another dog, or a human.  The alcohol based sanitizer is extremely painful if you spray it in your eyes.  Some have gone even further, and suggested exchanging the sanitizer for pepper spray.  The use of such a 'weapon' is illegal in New Zealand, so we cannot condone either of these two suggestions although, filled with citronella, it would be a useful deterrent against other aggressive dogs.
A small number of people find alcohol based hand sanitizers too harsh on their hands.  It is, of course, possible to replace our sanitizer with an alcohol free alternative.  If you would like, just email us and we will be happy to send you an additional empty bottle, to avoid any contamination.
Another suggestion is that, If the bottle is removed from the handle, a space is created, that could be used for small objects like keys, coins, or even dog treats.
If you have any further suggestions, please feel free to email us.